Kitchen Cleaning

We provide a complete kitchen cleaning solutions for our clients. Maintaining the hygiene  of the kitchen is very much necessary. With the help of our trained and experienced staffs we ensure that your kitchen is properly cleaned and maintain a tidy environment. We clean your gas burner with the use of warm water and soap, scrub them to take out deposited debris and your electric burner we clean it by using a moist sponge.

Wipes the grease spills on your stove and remove the stains, remove the control knobs and clean them with proper cleaning solutions and warm water. We also clean the outside of the vent-hood, wash away the knob, use water jets to clean the vent filter and then scrub them to remove dirt and grime. Using a sponge we clean the freezer and then dry it off by using proper towel. Clean the kitchen cabinet properly ,wipe the containers present in your kitchen, scrub and wipe the kitchen counters. Overall our cleaners in Stella’s cleaning services Ltd. have adequate experience in providing you with the kitchen cleaning services. We provide a clean and fresh environment for your kitchen which overall enhances your cooking experience.

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